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The Plays, their dates and casts for New Play Series 2019 – Women Leading

by carolyn with no comments

Below are listed the 42 ten-minute and 9 short plays which will be presented as staged readings over two weekend, May 24-26 and May 31-June 2.  Show times are 7:00pm sharp on the Fridays and Saturdays and 2:00pm sharp on the two Sunday matinees.  Location is Central School A&H Building, Studio 339, 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles.  Park in back.  Seating is very limited.

The order of the plays may change, but the dates of the plays and the casts are set.  See you at the show!


“Women Leading: The Play’s the Thing” Series 2019  ~ weekend #1     May 24-26, 2019 


Friday May 24th


 Miriam May’im  by Susan Kelso

Miriam:  Taylor Novak

2 Women:  Himshree Neupane and Tiffany Granger



Ruth Hanna McCormick:     Jo Ann Hanks

Medill McCormick:               Travis Spears

Helen Jones:                         Hannah Jolivette


Who Will Witness for the Witness  by Susan Hansell

Woman One                          Natalie Sell

Woman Two                          Taylor Novak

Woman Three                       Amanda Boutin

Woman Four                         Jo Ann Hanks


The Dance Maker    by Susan Shafer                     

Agnes deMille:                      Hannah Jolivette

Cecil B. de Mille                    Jordan Gribble

Stella:                                     Natalie Sell


FEMALE FLYERS A One-Act Play  by Elizabeth Cava                   

Addie:                                     Jo Ann Hanks

Kate:                                       Taylor Novak

Officer #1:                             Peyton Stanford

Stanley Garrett:                    Travis Spears


Just a Girl?  by Susan Shafer                      

Georgia O’Keefe:                  Hannah Jolivette

Edward Specher:                  Peyton Stanford



Eleanor Roosevelt:                           Jo Ann Hanks

Grover Whalen:                                Jordan Gribble

Hick (Larena Hickock)                      Heather Phillips


INEZ AND ALICE CONSORT  by Jill Maynard        

Inez Mulholland:                  Taylor Novak

Alice Paul:                              Georgina Graves

Nora:                                      Jo Ann Hanks



Saturday May 25th



Sam:                                       Taylor Novak

Jessie:                                      Amanda Boutin


IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY  by Paul Bowman                   

Haley:                                     Jo Ann Hanks

Prescott:                                Travis Spears

Robert:                                   Jordan Gribble

Bill:                                          Tony James



Producer:                               Jo Ann Hanks

News Anchor:                       Supratik Regmi

Sportscaster:                         Travis Spears

Emily:                                     Natalie Sell

Make-up Artist:                     Peyton Stanford



Phyllis Rothman:                              Jo Ann Hanks

David Rothman:                                Jordan Gribble

Mai                                                     Taylor Novak

Yasmin                                               Himshree Neupane


Bold Dorothy, Retired  by Colleen O’Doherty

STRONGARM:                       Natalie Sell

INDESTRUCTIBLE:                 Tiffany Granger

DOROTHY:                             Heather Phillips

MOVE-IT:                               Supratik Regmi

CHEETAH:                              Supratik Regmi


A Misinterpretation of Events  by Margie Semilof          

Phil:                                        Jordan Gribble

Dorothy:                                Jo Ann Hanks

Laurie:                                    Taylor Novak


Magic Hour  by Jack Karp

Lee Miller:                             Taylor Novak

David Scherman:                  Travis Spears


In Her Golden Years  by Steven Korbar                            

Darlene:                                 Jo Ann Hanks

Amy:                                       Hannah Jolivette



Sunday May 26th



Marie:                        Rowan Metcalf

Tisha:                                      Tiffany Granger

Gayle:                                     Hannah Jolivette

Fay:                                         Natalie Sell

Reeny:                                    Himshree Neupane

Pamela:                                  Jo Ann Hanks


Cope, Cope!   by Robert Brophy                 

Mother Marianne:               Heather Phillips

Male:                                      Jordan Gribble


Vacuum Seal  by Mildred Inez Lewis

Ximena:                                  Hannah Jolivette

Kaylee:                                   Georgina Graves


A Trip to Edenby Nancy Gall-Clayton      2 F 20’s (one could be any)

Eve:                                         Tiffany Granger

Sophie:                                   Taylor Novak


Eshun, The Irresistible One   by Susan Kelso                    

Himshree Neupane


Being Wendy Wasserstein  A monologue based on interviews with Wendy Wasserstein  by Karen Fix Curry 

Taylor Novak


History & the Femmes  by Kat Meads      

History:                                  Travis Spears

Sophia Perovskaya: Hannah Jolivette

Alexandra Fedoravna:         Georgina Graves

Fanny Kaplan:                       Jo Ann Hanks

Innessa Armand:                  Heather Phillips

Alexandra Kollontai:           Amanda Boutin


SHIFTING EMOJIS   by Robin Caroline

Sophie:                                   Rowan Metcalf

April:                                       Heather Phillips

Amber:                                   Jo Ann Hanks


There’s a New Goddess in Town by L.Z. Zephyr

Cece:                                      Georgina Graves

Jezra:                                      Tasha Guidry

Hillary:                                    Heather Phillips

Brick:                                      Jordan Gribble




Weekend #2    May 31 – June 2


Friday May 31st


Laundry At the Coin & Spin  by Stacey Isom Campbell

Michelle:                                Amanda Boutin

Oleta:                                     Keshi Bartie


Bella Napoli  by Steve Gold

Dr. Ernest Just:             Tony James

Hedwig:                           Natalie Sell


Death Defying  by Stephen Kaplan         

Zazel:                                      Heather Phillips

Airabella:                               Amanda Boutin


AGATHE  by Angela J. Davis

AGATHE UWILINGIYIMANA            Keshi Bartie

CARRIE                                               Natalie Sell

LUCAS                                                 Jaylin Williams

ADDIE                                                 Travis Spears

MBAYE DIAGNE                                Tony James




Oh, Say Can You See  by David Sobel

Neil Smith:                             Peyton Stanford

Jay Goodall:                           Jaylin Williams

Kate Murray:                         Natalie Sell


THE RING  by Dwayne Yancey

Maryah:                                             Keshi Bartie

Katherine:                                          Heather Phillips


Fate Demands It  by Carolynne Wilcox                

Clytemnestra:                       Natalie Sell

Cassandra:                             Amanda Boutin


Where Mama Left Off   by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Tinda May –                           Jo Ann Hanks



Saturday, June 1st


THE INTERVIEW   by Mary Caroline Rogers

Judith:                        Jo Ann Hanks

Aaron:                        Tony James


Miss irrelevant  by Jeff Stoltzer

Charlie Weems:                    Travis Spears

Amy Sterling:            Natalie Sell


SUSQUEHANNA  by John F. Sarno

Kay Lu:                                   Himshree Neupane

Zeelie Toms:                          Tiffany Granger

Susquehana Fay:                  Heather Phillips



Joan:                                       Heather Phillips

Roger:                                    Tony James

Barbara:                                 Amanda Bout


PRINCESS AUDREY   b  y Tracy Held Potter[1]

Audrey:                                  Samantha Brunson

Beth:                                       Natalie Sell




THE BODY WASHER   by Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Mara:                                     Himshree Neupane

Nikki:                                      Tiffany Granger Jacko

Amy:                                       Natalie Sell


Angel in Hell  by George J. Bryjak 

Natalie Sell


DIRECTIONS  by Penny Jackson     

Marie:                        Jo Ann Hanks

Sofia:                                      Natalie Sell   


The Color of Vengeance  by Lynn Marie Macy

DORA                                     Heather Phillips

GRETA                                    Jo Ann Hanks

Gulabi Gang:

SAMPAT PAL DEVI                Keshi Bartie

Gang Members:

JANKI PANDAY                      Himshree Neupane

SAYAH BANA                         Tasha Guidry

SHEELU NISHAD                    Tiffany Granger Jacko



Sunday June 2nd


Anonymous  by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif   

Noelle Hardisohn:                            Tasha Guidry

Nina Hardisohn:                                Tiffany Granger


PERMISSION  by Rachael Carnes

Alice:                                      Jo Ann Hanks

Emma:                                    Rowan Metcalf


BLOOD by Yael Haskal       

Beulah:                                   Tasha Guidry

Lindy:                                     Tiffany Granger


I Had a Bird  by Genevieve Jessee

One:                                        Tiffany Granger Jacko

Two:                                       Rowan Metcalf

Three:                                     Amanda Boutin


Hello Ocean  by J. Lois Diamond

Wendy:                                              Jo Ann Hanks

Rhonda:                                             Tiffany Granger Jacko

Nina:                                                   Keshi Bartie


I’VE GOT THIS   by Ken Levine         

Rachel:                                   Natalie Sell


PICKERS  by James McLindon  

Terry:                                      Tasha Guidry

Dee: (KID)                              Tiffany Granger


GLO  by Chris Shaw Swanson        

GLO:                                       Natalie Sell

Kristin:                                    Jo Ann Hanks

Sherri:                                    Tiffany Granger


I Feel Good! A Monologue  by J. Lois Diamond              

Sharon Jones:                        Keshi Bartie





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