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Cast List for “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Radio Play”

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  1. IT is excited to announce
    “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play”CAST LIST

    Bianca Augustine – “Lana Sherwood” as Violet (and Young Violet), Mrs. ​Hatch; Janie

    Hannah Barker – “Stage Manager” – as Stage Manager

    Julian H. Green – “Jake Laurents” – as George (and Young George)

    Jo Ann Hanks – “Hope Merriweather” – as Rose Bailey; Sadie Vance; Mrs. Thompson

    Dan Sadler – “Freddie Fillmore/Announcer” – as Potter, Sam Wainwright, Martini, Tommy, Joseph, Ernie, Charlie, Bridge Keeper

    Travis Spears – “Willy Kurtz” – as Harry (and Young Harry), Pete, Dr. Campbell, Ed, Man, Horace the Teller, Nick, Mr. Welch

    Natalie Sell – “Sally Applewhite” as Mary Hatch (and Young Mary)

    Shauna Temple – “Trixie Devines” as ZuZu, Matilda, Ruth, Schultz, Singer, Woman

    Matt Tonkavich – “Harry ‘Jazzbo’ Heywood” – as Clarence Oddbody,
    Gower, Billy, Peter, Binky, Cop, Sheriff

    All actors provide ad libs from the following crowds etc: BOYS, BOARD MEMBERS, CROWD AT RUN ON BANK, RESTAURANT PATRONS, CROWN AT PARTY

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