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Spotlight on Zydeco
Spotlight on Zydeco
Spotlight on Zydeco
Spotlight on Zydeco


Happy Holidays! We are still moth-balled. We look forward to a future with you!

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Greetings, everyone. We have not blogged in many months. Itinerant Theatre is still moth-balled. Our Studio 339 is under repair, as is the entire Central School Arts & Humanities building. These repairs are extensive and should take another year. We were hit, not only by Laura and Delta, but also by an historic freeze and a springtime historic flood, all in Year 2020, the first year of the Covid pandemic. Our ceiling was compromised. The entire building was compromised. Therefore, our equipment is in storage, and at this time we are not staging any readings or fully-produced plays.

But we are mindful of our supporters, our backers, and our audience. We know that many, many of you endured the same natural disasters, and in some cases with devastating results, and that many of you have struggled mightily with Covid. We think of you, and we very much look forward to contacting you when we do set our goals for staging  our New Plays Series and other projects.

We will certainly stage the 26 new plays that we announced on this blog in late May 2020. We look forward to that work and to celebrating these excellent playwrights, chosen from a submission total of 900 nationwide and internationally.  They submitted 10-minute and short plays to our series that addressed the theme of 2020:  “Life Inspired”.

A Happy Holidays to everyone. Please stay safe as you gather with loved ones and friends to celebrate Hanukkah, which begins today, and also Christmas.

~ Itinerant Theatre

On hiatus & venues under repair but planning for the future

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Greetings to everyone after such a challenging and difficult time!  Please be assured. Itinerant Theatre plans to stage-read our twenty-five (25) plays that we accepted (from our 900 entrants) for our New Play Series 2020: The Play’s the Thing:  Life Inspired.

Those 10-minute or short play entrants were from a year ago!

We’ve had a few setbacks.

First and foremost was Covid, a pandemic which is ongoing and which we shared with all of you. Our hearts go out to you who suffered losses from this dread disease.

On August 27th Lake Charles received a direct hit by Laura, the 5th strongest hurricane ever to hit the USA. This threw us into evacuation for over two months in north Texas. The evacuation of our family was challenging, as two of the five of us had special travel needs, and there were, of course, no EMT’s available to assist us in our departure.

About six weeks later Lake Charles was hit by Delta, a 2nd hurricane, a more high-water event. Then, in the wintertime, the Southwest and Southern states were hit with a great freeze, which also significantly compromised the homes of our supporters and audience base. Finally, just two weeks ago, Lake Charles experienced a torrential rainstorm/flood, the 3rd  strongest in city history, which unevenly flooded out homes still under repair from the storms.

Almost all of the region’s performing venues are non-functioning. Our primary base, home of our office and studio, Central School Arts Building, has been closed to the public for 10 months. Roof repairs are underway, but interior repairs will take another 6-10 months. Soon, we must empty our Studio 339 so that repairmen have access to the 100+ year-old building. Our studio, being on the topmost floor and to the east, was one of the two most heavily hit studios in the building.

In addition, and very, very significantly, while we were on evacuation in Texas, we lost Dolph, the older brother of our Executive/Artistic Director, Joy Pace.

The year has been most trying.

Nonetheless, be assured. We look forward to envisioning bringing affordable, professional theatre to audiences and to exploring new works and the classics.

Joy Pace, Exec/Artistic Director. will soon issue a new call-out for the sixth New Play Series: The Play’s the Thing. There will be a theme unique to this season. The accepted plays will be either 10-minute plays or short plays (under an hour in length).

See you at the show!



Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush now live on Facebook!

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Greetings, Supporters of Itinerant Theatre.

Yes, we are quarantined and our New Play Series 2020 productions are TBA.

But, tonight, right now our annual fundraiser musical feature, Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush are LIVE on Facebook!  They are the featured artists for Lake Charles’s virtual event, Downtown at Sundown.  (Usually a terrific outdoors event downtown.)

Go to your FB page, and locate downtownatsundown.

Enjoy the live performance!  Such a versatile, talented group of young musicians.

Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush will again perform for us January 2021, again at The Foundation House (thanks to Eddie Lewis, proprietor for the venue).  The hours are later, 10:00pm – 2:00am and it’ll be on a Friday night so as not to conflict with all of our wonderful local Mardi Gras events.  More details to come.


“The Play’s the Thing: Life Inspired” New Play Series 2020 selections

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The Play’s the Thing:  Life Inspired” 2020

Selected Plays

Hello, Friends of Itinerant Theatre,

We are pleased to finally announce our selections for our “The Play’s the Thing:  Life Inspired” New Play Series.  The process was a difficult one, as we once again had almost 900 submissions, which is wonderful.  If you are a playwright, thank you so much for your interest and submission.  It was a difficult decision to make, but in the end we decided on these 26 that we hope will leave our audiences inspired.

I’m sure you are all expecting and understand that our dates have now had to change and are now necessarily indefinitely postponed until our stay-at-home orders are lifted, and our actors and audiences can all safely return to life in our new normal, whatever that may be.  We will announce those dates, as soon as they are known.

In the meantime, please stay safe, stay inside, WRITE A PLAY or SEE A PLAY via some virtual medium.  Take care of yourselves.  I may even soon be inspired to have next year’s theme and begin to accept next season’s submissions.  For that, playwrights, please keep your eyes out for submission call-outs from Itinerant Theatre.

Thank you all, dear playwrights.  Congratulations to the following 26 plays listed below (alphabetized by playwright).

~ Joy Pace                                                                                                                                                                             Artistic/Executive Director                                                                                                                                                           Itinerant Theatre

The Oceanside by Libby Baumgartner
The Heart of Christmas  by Chip Bolcik
Where the Heart Lives by Mike Brannon
Strings by Brian Cern
Fluid, Loie Fuller by J. Lois Diamond
Jornado del Muerto (The Journey of Death) by Gwen Flager
Last Call by Aviva Fleising
Street Car to Justice  by Tasha C. Guidry
A Harmony of Both by Terence Patrick Hughes
The Prize by Rollin Jewett
Stay by Dagney Kerr
Words in a Box by Vicki Riba Koestler
Whole Foods by Charles Leipart
Can’t Talk About It by John McDonnell
Must Love Pit Bulls by Jenny Mead
Genuine Cashmere by John Minigan
The Madonna of Inzing by August Nigro
Womb with a View by Rich Orloff
Kearon & Kyle  by Brigette ReDavid
Glue and Flea  by Robin Rice
The List by Mary Caroline Rogers
The Love of the Game by Frank Shima
I Can Fly by Gary Sironen
The Good Bus by Kurt Weitzmann
Note to Self by Cate Wiley
That’s What Its all About by Missy Ann Wilmoth

Thanks to Walmart’s program of giving back! IT receives two grants from Sam’s Club LC & Sulphur Supercenter

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IT is truly grateful to Walmart’s program of giving back! IT has received two grants to support our New Plays 2020 series (over 800 submissions for 25-30 spots).
One grant is from Sam’s Club Lake Charles #8265. Manager Colt Swayze sends out hearty congratulations to Exec/Artistic Director Joy Pace .
Walmart Supercenter #331 Sulphur is our 2nd grant. Ass’t Manager Mary LeDoux personally thanks Joy Pace.  Manager Crystal was terrific in approving our grant request.
Thank you to board member Tasha Guidry for applying for these grants! @walmartgiving #BetterTogether #WalmartGiving #Walmart

Winter 2020 Update

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We had a fun 1st annual “Spotlight on Zydeco”.  The bones of the event are good!  Watch for the 2nd annual event, hopefully also with the talented and charming group, Russell Metoyer & the Zydeco Krush.  No doubt attendance was not what we hoped, but we found out two important Mardi Gras krewe balls were happening simultaneously.  Also, our event ended too early.  Next year we will wrap up the fun not a minute before 2:00AM.  Watch for Spotlight on Zydeco 2021.  Join us!  The price will be right, and the evening will make the crowd happy and tap their feet.

We continue to work through our really significant number of entries for New Plays Series 2020, The Play’s the Thing with a theme of “Life Inspired”.  We hope to announce finalists by late winter 2020.  Thank you to everyone for this really enthusiastic response.

See you at the show!

Spotlight on Zydeco with Rusty Metoyer & the Zydeco Krush this Sat Jan 25th!

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Join us at The Foundation House this Saturday, January 25 from 9:00-12:00pm for IT’s first annual fundraiser, “Spotlight on Zydeco”.

Rusty Metoyer & the Zydeco Krush are a young, really talented group of SWLA musicians taking time off from their busy music schedules to play for us and our crowd for one night, this coming Saturday.

Rusty leads on accordion, and the band plays a variety of fun music!  The crowd just likes to dance.  For a break there’s a cash bar in the lounge attached to the big dance hall.  There’s also a limited kitchen and a place to rest your busy, dancing feet!

The ticket is $20.  What a deal!  You can buy your ticket here on this website via Eventbrite, or pay at the door — cash or credit card, no checks.

Join us for a carefree evening this Saturday!  See you at 720 Enterprise Blvd. (Nellie Lutcher Parkway) just north of Broad St.  Park across the street.  There will be security.

Spotlight on Zydeco! an IT fundraiser Jan25th

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Now that the New Year is here and we’re getting used to writing 2020(!), how about turning your attention to some fun times.

Yes, Mardi Gras starts tomorrow, the Super Bowl playoffs are underway (bah humbug, Saints just lost!  How did that happen?)

Come and just dance!  We’re sponsoring Spotlight on Zydeco! — our 1st annual fundraiser — on Saturday night January 25th, 9:00pm-12:00midnight.  This promises to be an evening of zydeco (and some other sub-genres of Louisiana music thrown in) with Rusty Metoyer & the Zydeco Krush!

Eddie Lewis is our co-host.  The event is at Eddie’s Foundation House at 720 Enterprise Blvd.  Park across the street.

Tickets are only $20.  You can buy tickets on this website or at the door — cash or credit card only.  There’ll be a cash bar and a limited kitchen.  Security will be provided.

Have some fun!  Join us!

Happy New Year! Watch for fundraiser “Spotlight on Zydeco” Jan 25th

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Itinerant Theatre wishes you a very Happy New Year!  May you prosper in 2020.

Two events to watch for:  1.  IT’s first large fundraiser:  Spotlight on Zydeco, a light-hearted evening of dance featuring Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush.  9:00pm- 12:00 midnight, Saturday, January 25 at the Foundation House, 720 Enterprise Blvd.  Tickets are $20.  Pay on this website via Eventbrite or by credit card or cash at the door.  Security will be provided.  We will have a good time, yes!

2.  IT’s New Play Series 2020, with the theme Life Inspired.  We’ve had a very, very large number of submissions from playwrights nationwide and internationally.  Watch for our announcement this winter of the finalists for the annual staged reading event which occurs in late spring 2020 in our Studio 339 at Central School A&H Bldg.  These short plays are so varied!  See you at the show.

Seasonal Inspirations: Stories of the Season ~ a free IT event Dec 14

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Itinerant Theatre presents an evening of Seasonal Inspirations:  Stories of the Season, featuring the writings of three local writers, as well as other stories on the origins of the holidays of the season.  Featured are Alana Fontenot’s “Bonjour Maman, ca va?”, Kathy Heath’s “The Christmas Elevator” and Tasha Guidry’s “Christmas Gifts”.  There may even be a few songs of the evening…

Admission is a non-perishable food item for donation to a local food pantry.  IT will provide a festive atmosphere and have wassail and cookies.  Come join us to enjoy the season, learn a little about the holidays and feel inspired.

December 14, 2019 at Central School, Studio 339, 7:00pm.  Elevator is available.  Address of Central School A&H Bldg. is 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles.  Please park in back.


PS  Stay tuned for our “Spotlight on Zydeco” Saturday, Jan. 25, 2020 at The Foundation House on Enterprise Bl. with Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush!

“Seasonal Inspirations” — a call-out to SWLA writers: submit your works!

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Until Nov 15

CALLING ALL WRITERS:  Do you want to write something on  “Seasonal Inspirations” ?   Itinerant Theatre (IT) is now accepting scripts, prose, poetry, recipes, stories or songs for exploration into that wonderful theme.  This event is part of IT’s “Life Inspired” theme of Season 2019-2020.   The production of “Seasonal Inspirations”  will be December 13-14, and possibly a Sunday afternoon matinee on December 15th.

We at IT are only looking to local/SWLA writers for this specific project. The writings can be prose, poetry, 10-minute or short plays, monologues, funny recipes, stories, songs, whatever inspires you or you feel will inspire… related to the all encompassing and inclusive “holiday season”.

The pieces that IT selects will be combined into a cohesive evening of entertainment of fun, and inspiration intended to be filled with laughter, cheer, and joyful inspiration.

Please submit your selection to Joy Pace at following the guidelines below:

 Submission Guidelines:   1. Only three pieces per writer – regardless of genre.   2. Submissions accepted starting October 31, 2019.   Submission deadline is Nov 15, 2019.   3. Submissions via email only.   Email submissions (in pdf or Word format only) to .   4. Pieces must include contact info (name, phone number, email address, home city and state, country) on the cover sheet.   5. Pieces will require no more than 1-4 actors.   6. 10-Minute Plays will run no more than 10 minutes, no exceptions.   7. Short Plays will run no more than 25 minutes, no exceptions.   8. Plays must fit the season’s theme “Life Inspired” and centered around any of the holidays within the season (clearly open to interpretation).     Inspire me.

Performances are December 13-15th in Central School – Studio 339.


1.Writers whose pieces have been chosen for performance will be notified email in late November.

2. The pieces will be combined into an evening of local writers

Presented by local Actors – December 13-14 @ 7pm and possibly Dec. 15 @ 2pm

Itinerant Theatre (IT) is an affordable, professional theatre company that brings new works and the modern classics to artistically underserved communities.   IT is a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre company.   People want to tell their story, interpret their times, write and act with truth and beauty…before their peers and for the stage.           IT makes that possible.   Follow IT on Facebook, Twitter, or for more info call 337.436.6275 or visit the website  .

La Women: Life Inspired ~ two nights this weekend!

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Two nights this upcoming weekend Itinerant Theatre produces “Louisiana Women:  Life Inspired”.  Carolyn Woosley will stage read two of her 13 Louisiana Women, “Caroline” (Dormon), the first woman in forestry in the USA and “Elizebeth” (Thomas Werlein) who led the effort to save the French Quarter from demolition.  Woosley will preface each performance with brief dramaturg’s notes on ‘the world of’ that woman.  

This event “Louisiana Women:  Life Inspired” occurs at 7:00pm, Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19 in Itinerant Theatre’s Studio 339, at Central School A&H Building, 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles.  Cost is $10, Seniors $8 and students $5.  You can pay at the door by cash, check or credit card or reserve ahead at 337-436-6275 (but arrive 15 minutes early for that one).

Elevator accessible. Seating is open.  Park in back.  There will be one intermission.

2019-2020 Season ~ Life Inspired!

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Greetings to our Itinerant Theatre followers and to you all who check in on occasion.  We are ramping up for our 2019-2020 season.

We’ve added a new board member, Tasha Guidry.  Welcome, Tasha!

Our annual membership drive is underway.  You can give by PayPal (link on this website) or mail a check to Itinerant Theatre, Inc. at 117 Pithon St., Lake Charles, LA 70601.  Categories are:  Friend $50+; Member $110+; Sponsor $175+; Patron $250+; Director’s Circle $500+; and Producer’s Circle $750+.

We have some new fundraisers under consideration.  We’ll keep you apprised.  Some should be fun.

Only yesterday Joy Pace, Exec/Artistic Director sent out a nationwide (and international) call for our fifth New Plays series, New Plays 2020:  The Play’s the Thing.  The theme is Life Inspired.   IT will produce 20-30 selections in spring 2020.   Accepted plays will either be 10-minute plays or short plays (under an hour) and must address the theme.  Submission deadline is November 15, 2019.  Submit to  Within 12 hours, we’ve received 100 submissions!  In a word, nationwide demand for our New Plays Series continues to build.

IT has a mid-October event.  Carolyn Woosley will stage-read two of her Louisiana Women:  “Elizebeth” (Elizebeth Thomas Werlein who saved the French Quarter from demolition) and “Caroline” (Caroline Dormon, first woman in forestry in the USA).  As a prelude to each reading Woosley has prepared a brief study, “The World of…” for each woman ~ on the world surrounding them and items/events/developments that contributed to their work at their particular moments in history.

This Life Inspired event occurs Friday and Saturday, October 19-20 at 7:00pm in Studio 339, Central School A&H Bldg, 809 Kirby St, Lake Charles.  Park & enter building in back.  Tickets are $10 and will be sold via Eventbrite or at the door.  Also, reservations can be made at 337.436.6275, but arrive 15 minutes early to claim your seats.

See you at the show!

Weekend Two of The Play’s the Thing New Play Series: Women Leading. List of plays per night plus playwrights & cast

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Here for you to enjoy are weekend two of 25 new 10-minute and short plays ~ stage readings by 19 local actors over two nights and our closing Sunday matinee.

You can buy tickets at this website or reserve by calling 337-436-6275.  Prices are per night:  $10, $8 senior and $5 student of any age.  All readings are in Studio 339, Central School A&H Bldg, 809 Kirby St, Lake Charles.  Arrive early.  Seating is limited.  Park in back.


  “Women Leading: The Play’s the Thing” Series 2019 May 31 – June 2

Friday, May 31 at 7:00pm

Laundry At the Coin & Spin by Stacey Isom Campbell
Michelle: Amanda Boutin
Oleta: Keshi Bartie

Death Defying by Stephen Kaplan
Zazel: Heather Phillips
Airabella: Amanda Boutin

AGATHE by Angela J. Davis
CARRIE Natalie Sell
LUCAS Jaylin Williams
ADDIE Travis Spears



Oh, Say Can You See by David R. Sobel
Neil Smith: Peyton Stanford
Jay Goodale: Jaylin Williams
Kate Murray: Natalie Sell

THE RING by Dwayne Yancey
Maryah: Keshi Bartie
Katherine: Heather Phillips

Fate Demands It by Carolynne Wilcox
Clytemnestra: Natalie Sell
Cassandra: Amanda Boutin

Where Mama Left Off by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield
Tinda May – Jo Ann Hanks


Saturday, June 1 at 7:00pm

THE INTERVIEW by Mary Caroline Rogers
Judith: Jo Ann Hanks
Aaron: Tony James

Miss irrelevant by Jeff Stoltzer
Charlie Weems: Travis Spears
Amy Sterling: Natalie Sell

SUSQUEHANNA by John F. Sarno
Kay Lu: Himshree Neupane
Zeelie Toms: Tiffany Granger
Susquehana Fay: Heather Phillips

Joan: Heather Phillips
Roger: Tony James
Barbara: Amanda Bout

PRINCESS AUDREY by Tracy Held Potter
Audrey: Samantha Brunson
Beth: Natalie Sell




THE BODY WASHER by Rosemary Frisino Toohey
Mara: Himshree Neupane
Nikki: Tiffany Granger Jacko
Amy: Natalie Sell

Angel in Hell by George J. Bryjak
Natalie Sell

DIRECTIONS by Penny Jackson
Marie: Jo Ann Hanks
Sofia: Natalie Sell

The Color of Vengeance by Lynn Marie Macy
DORA Heather Phillips
GRETA Jo Ann Hanks
Gulabi Gang:
Gang Members:
JANKI PANDAY Himshree Neupane
SAYAH BANA Tasha Guidry
SHEELU NISHAD Tiffany Granger Jacko


Sunday, June 2 at 2:00pm

Anonymous by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif
Noelle Hardisohn: Tasha Guidry
Nina Hardisohn: Tiffany Granger

PERMISSION by Rachael Carnes
Alice: Jo Ann Hanks
Emma: Rowan Metcalf

Hello Ocean by J. Lois Diamond
Wendy: Jo Ann Hanks
Rhonda: Tiffany Granger Jacko
Nina: Keshi Bartie

BLOOD by Yael Haskal
Beulah: Tasha Guidry
Lindy: Tiffany Granger


I Had a Bird by Genevieve Jessee
One: Tiffany Granger Jacko
Two: Rowan Metcalf
Three: Amanda Boutin

I Feel Good! A Monologue by J. Lois Diamond
Sharon Jones: Keshi Bartie

I’VE GOT THIS by Ken Levine
Rachel: Natalie Sell

PICKERS by James McLindon
Terry: Tasha Guidry
Dee: (KID) Tiffany Granger

GLO by Chris Shaw Swanson
GLO: Natalie Sell
Kristin: Jo Ann Hanks
Sherri: Tiffany Granger

The Plays, their dates and casts for New Play Series 2019 – Women Leading

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Below are listed the 42 ten-minute and 9 short plays which will be presented as staged readings over two weekend, May 24-26 and May 31-June 2.  Show times are 7:00pm sharp on the Fridays and Saturdays and 2:00pm sharp on the two Sunday matinees.  Location is Central School A&H Building, Studio 339, 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles.  Park in back.  Seating is very limited.

The order of the plays may change, but the dates of the plays and the casts are set.  See you at the show!


“Women Leading: The Play’s the Thing” Series 2019  ~ weekend #1     May 24-26, 2019 


Friday May 24th


 Miriam May’im  by Susan Kelso

Miriam:  Taylor Novak

2 Women:  Himshree Neupane and Tiffany Granger



Ruth Hanna McCormick:     Jo Ann Hanks

Medill McCormick:               Travis Spears

Helen Jones:                         Hannah Jolivette


Who Will Witness for the Witness  by Susan Hansell

Woman One                          Natalie Sell

Woman Two                          Taylor Novak

Woman Three                       Amanda Boutin

Woman Four                         Jo Ann Hanks


The Dance Maker    by Susan Shafer                     

Agnes deMille:                      Hannah Jolivette

Cecil B. de Mille                    Jordan Gribble

Stella:                                     Natalie Sell


FEMALE FLYERS A One-Act Play  by Elizabeth Cava                   

Addie:                                     Jo Ann Hanks

Kate:                                       Taylor Novak

Officer #1:                             Peyton Stanford

Stanley Garrett:                    Travis Spears


Just a Girl?  by Susan Shafer                      

Georgia O’Keefe:                  Hannah Jolivette

Edward Specher:                  Peyton Stanford



Eleanor Roosevelt:                           Jo Ann Hanks

Grover Whalen:                                Jordan Gribble

Hick (Larena Hickock)                      Heather Phillips


INEZ AND ALICE CONSORT  by Jill Maynard        

Inez Mulholland:                  Taylor Novak

Alice Paul:                              Georgina Graves

Nora:                                      Jo Ann Hanks



Saturday May 25th



Sam:                                       Taylor Novak

Jessie:                                      Amanda Boutin


IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY  by Paul Bowman                   

Haley:                                     Jo Ann Hanks

Prescott:                                Travis Spears

Robert:                                   Jordan Gribble

Bill:                                          Tony James



Producer:                               Jo Ann Hanks

News Anchor:                       Supratik Regmi

Sportscaster:                         Travis Spears

Emily:                                     Natalie Sell

Make-up Artist:                     Peyton Stanford



Phyllis Rothman:                              Jo Ann Hanks

David Rothman:                                Jordan Gribble

Mai                                                     Taylor Novak

Yasmin                                               Himshree Neupane


Bold Dorothy, Retired  by Colleen O’Doherty

STRONGARM:                       Natalie Sell

INDESTRUCTIBLE:                 Tiffany Granger

DOROTHY:                             Heather Phillips

MOVE-IT:                               Supratik Regmi

CHEETAH:                              Supratik Regmi


A Misinterpretation of Events  by Margie Semilof          

Phil:                                        Jordan Gribble

Dorothy:                                Jo Ann Hanks

Laurie:                                    Taylor Novak


Magic Hour  by Jack Karp

Lee Miller:                             Taylor Novak

David Scherman:                  Travis Spears


In Her Golden Years  by Steven Korbar                            

Darlene:                                 Jo Ann Hanks

Amy:                                       Hannah Jolivette



Sunday May 26th



Marie:                        Rowan Metcalf

Tisha:                                      Tiffany Granger

Gayle:                                     Hannah Jolivette

Fay:                                         Natalie Sell

Reeny:                                    Himshree Neupane

Pamela:                                  Jo Ann Hanks


Cope, Cope!   by Robert Brophy                 

Mother Marianne:               Heather Phillips

Male:                                      Jordan Gribble


Vacuum Seal  by Mildred Inez Lewis

Ximena:                                  Hannah Jolivette

Kaylee:                                   Georgina Graves


A Trip to Edenby Nancy Gall-Clayton      2 F 20’s (one could be any)

Eve:                                         Tiffany Granger

Sophie:                                   Taylor Novak


Eshun, The Irresistible One   by Susan Kelso                    

Himshree Neupane


Being Wendy Wasserstein  A monologue based on interviews with Wendy Wasserstein  by Karen Fix Curry 

Taylor Novak


History & the Femmes  by Kat Meads      

History:                                  Travis Spears

Sophia Perovskaya: Hannah Jolivette

Alexandra Fedoravna:         Georgina Graves

Fanny Kaplan:                       Jo Ann Hanks

Innessa Armand:                  Heather Phillips

Alexandra Kollontai:           Amanda Boutin


SHIFTING EMOJIS   by Robin Caroline

Sophie:                                   Rowan Metcalf

April:                                       Heather Phillips

Amber:                                   Jo Ann Hanks


There’s a New Goddess in Town by L.Z. Zephyr

Cece:                                      Georgina Graves

Jezra:                                      Tasha Guidry

Hillary:                                    Heather Phillips

Brick:                                      Jordan Gribble




Weekend #2    May 31 – June 2


Friday May 31st


Laundry At the Coin & Spin  by Stacey Isom Campbell

Michelle:                                Amanda Boutin

Oleta:                                     Keshi Bartie


Bella Napoli  by Steve Gold

Dr. Ernest Just:             Tony James

Hedwig:                           Natalie Sell


Death Defying  by Stephen Kaplan         

Zazel:                                      Heather Phillips

Airabella:                               Amanda Boutin


AGATHE  by Angela J. Davis

AGATHE UWILINGIYIMANA            Keshi Bartie

CARRIE                                               Natalie Sell

LUCAS                                                 Jaylin Williams

ADDIE                                                 Travis Spears

MBAYE DIAGNE                                Tony James




Oh, Say Can You See  by David Sobel

Neil Smith:                             Peyton Stanford

Jay Goodall:                           Jaylin Williams

Kate Murray:                         Natalie Sell


THE RING  by Dwayne Yancey

Maryah:                                             Keshi Bartie

Katherine:                                          Heather Phillips


Fate Demands It  by Carolynne Wilcox                

Clytemnestra:                       Natalie Sell

Cassandra:                             Amanda Boutin


Where Mama Left Off   by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield

Tinda May –                           Jo Ann Hanks



Saturday, June 1st


THE INTERVIEW   by Mary Caroline Rogers

Judith:                        Jo Ann Hanks

Aaron:                        Tony James


Miss irrelevant  by Jeff Stoltzer

Charlie Weems:                    Travis Spears

Amy Sterling:            Natalie Sell


SUSQUEHANNA  by John F. Sarno

Kay Lu:                                   Himshree Neupane

Zeelie Toms:                          Tiffany Granger

Susquehana Fay:                  Heather Phillips



Joan:                                       Heather Phillips

Roger:                                    Tony James

Barbara:                                 Amanda Bout


PRINCESS AUDREY   b  y Tracy Held Potter[1]

Audrey:                                  Samantha Brunson

Beth:                                       Natalie Sell




THE BODY WASHER   by Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Mara:                                     Himshree Neupane

Nikki:                                      Tiffany Granger Jacko

Amy:                                       Natalie Sell


Angel in Hell  by George J. Bryjak 

Natalie Sell


DIRECTIONS  by Penny Jackson     

Marie:                        Jo Ann Hanks

Sofia:                                      Natalie Sell   


The Color of Vengeance  by Lynn Marie Macy

DORA                                     Heather Phillips

GRETA                                    Jo Ann Hanks

Gulabi Gang:

SAMPAT PAL DEVI                Keshi Bartie

Gang Members:

JANKI PANDAY                      Himshree Neupane

SAYAH BANA                         Tasha Guidry

SHEELU NISHAD                    Tiffany Granger Jacko



Sunday June 2nd


Anonymous  by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif   

Noelle Hardisohn:                            Tasha Guidry

Nina Hardisohn:                                Tiffany Granger


PERMISSION  by Rachael Carnes

Alice:                                      Jo Ann Hanks

Emma:                                    Rowan Metcalf


BLOOD by Yael Haskal       

Beulah:                                   Tasha Guidry

Lindy:                                     Tiffany Granger


I Had a Bird  by Genevieve Jessee

One:                                        Tiffany Granger Jacko

Two:                                       Rowan Metcalf

Three:                                     Amanda Boutin


Hello Ocean  by J. Lois Diamond

Wendy:                                              Jo Ann Hanks

Rhonda:                                             Tiffany Granger Jacko

Nina:                                                   Keshi Bartie


I’VE GOT THIS   by Ken Levine         

Rachel:                                   Natalie Sell


PICKERS  by James McLindon  

Terry:                                      Tasha Guidry

Dee: (KID)                              Tiffany Granger


GLO  by Chris Shaw Swanson        

GLO:                                       Natalie Sell

Kristin:                                    Jo Ann Hanks

Sherri:                                    Tiffany Granger


I Feel Good! A Monologue  by J. Lois Diamond              

Sharon Jones:                        Keshi Bartie





New Play Series tickets on sale

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IT’s 4th New Play Series themed Women Leading opens in only 8 days. There are about 8 10-minute & very short plays per night or Sunday matinee!

Buy tickets now on this website. Per night tickets are $10 adults, $8 seniors & $5 students of any age. For the entire 6-night series you can purchase a pass. Costs are: $50 adults, $40 seniors and $25 students.

To pay in person call 337-436-6275 to make arrangements for payment.

Production dates are May 24-26 and May 31-June 2. Times are 7:00pm sharp or 2:00 for matinees.  Seating will be very limited in Suite 339, 809 Kirby St, Lake Charles.  Park in back

See you at the show!

New Play Series 2019 – “Women Leading” Press Release

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Greetings, Everyone.  Here is the press release for Itinerant Theatre’s 4th annual New Play Series.  Note the dates, location, times, and ticket prices (including a new discount ticket offer if you want to attend the entire series).  In a later blog we’ll break out the plays by each of the six performances, since each play will run only once at one performance.  Fifty one plays!

Press Release follows:

DATED MATERIAL ENDS: 11:00PM, June 2, 2019
Contact: Joy Pace at 337.436.6275 or
ITINERANT THEATRE PRESENTS “The Play’s the Thing- New Play Series: Women Leading” Weekends of May 24-June 2 in Studio 339 of CENTRAL SCHOOL CENTER FOR THE ARTS AND HUMANITIES

Itinerant Theatre will present 51 new 10-minute and short plays from around the world for its fourth annual “The Play’s the Thing – New Play Series”. This year’s theme is “Women Leading”. Over 900 submissions were sent from 7 countries & the United States. The narrow 51 selected will be presented as staged readings, bringing the characters and stories to life in an intimate setting before local audiences on May 24, 25, 31st and June 1st at 7pm, and Sundays May 26th and June 2nd at 2pm. Every performance date will be a separate set of plays, so catch as many as you can, or delight yourself and catch them all, for a whirlwind adventure through powerful stories of leadership, history, triumph, humor and humanity.

The all-local actors are:  Keshi Bartie, Amanda Boutin, Samantha Brunson, Georgina Graves, Jordan Gribble, Tasha Guidry, Jo Ann Hanks, Tiffany Granger Jacko, Tony James, Hannah Jolivette, Rowan Metcalf, Himshree Neupane, Taylor Novak, Heather Phillips, Supratik Regmi, Natalie Sell, Travis Spears, Peyton Stanford, and Jaylin Williams. Joy Pace is Director and Michelle Brunson is Technical Director.

For a schedule of the plays please visit or visit Itinerant Theatre’s Facebook page. The plays are: AGATHE by Angela J. Davis, Amazons of Tomorrow by Rex McGregor, Angel in Hell by George J. Bryjak, Anonymous by Sandra A. Daley-Sharif, Being Wendy Wasserstein A monologue based on interviews with Wendy Wasserstein, By Karen Fix Curry, Bella Napoli by Steve Gold, Blood by Yael Haskal, The Body Washer by Rosemary Frisino Toohey, Bold Dorothy, Retired by Colleen O’Doherty, The Color of Vengeance by Lynn Marie Macy, Cope, Cope! By Robert Brophy, The Dance Maker by Susan Shafer, Death Defying By Stephen Kaplan, Directions by Penny Jackson, Eshun, The Irresistible One by Susan Kelso, Fate Demands It by Carolynne Wilcox, Female Flyers A One-Act Play By Elizabeth Cava, Glo By Chris Shaw Swanson, Hello Ocean By J. Lois Diamond, History & the Femmes by Kat Meads, I Feel Good! A Monologue By J. Lois Diamond, I Had a Bird By Genevieve Jessee, I’ll Love You til the Cows Come Home by Greg Burdick, In Her Golden Years By Steven Korbar, Inez and Alice Consort By Jill Maynard, The Interview by Mary Caroline Rogers, It’s Going to be a Great Day by Paul Bowman, I’ve Got This by Ken Levine, Just a Girl? by Susan Shafer, Laundry At the Coin & Spin by Stacey Isom Campbell, Magic Hour By Jack Karp, Miriam May’im by Susan Kelso, A Misinterpretation of Events By Margie Semilof, Miss Irrelevant by Jeff Stolzer, Mrs. Rothman’s Revenge By Tajlei Levis, The New Meteorologist by Laurie Allen, Oh, Say Can You See by David Sobel, Permission by Rachael Carnes, Pickers by James McLindon , The Politics of Pluck by Elyse Kallen , Princess Audrey by Tracy Held Potter, Project W by DREW DAVIS, The Ring By Dwayne Yancey, Shifting Emojis by Robin Caroline, Susquehanna by John F. Sarno, There’s a New Goddess in Town by L.Z. Zephyr, A Trip to Eden by Nancy Gall-Clayton, Vacuum Seal By Mildred Inez Lewis, We ReMember By AMY OESTREICHER, Where Mama Left Off by Doc Andersen-Bloomfield, and Who Will Witness for the Witness by Susan Hansell.

Tickets are $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for Seniors, and $5.00 for Students. Buy a pass to all 6 performances for Adults $50.00, Seniors, $40.00 and Students $25.00. Purchase @ or reserve @ 337-436-6275.

Location for all performances is 809 Kirby St., #339 at Central School A&H Center, Lake Charles.  Park in back.  Seating is very limited.

Itinerant Theatre, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, is an affordable, professional theatre company that brings new works and the modern classics to artistically underserved communities. People want to tell their story, interpret their times, write and act with truth and beauty…before their peers & for the stage. Itinerant Theatre makes that possible.
For next year… what is your story? Stay tuned for more info. ##

The Play’s the Thing New Play Series 2019

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IT proudly announces its 5th New Play Series: The Play’s the Thing the weekends of May 24 & May 31. The theme for 2019 is Women Leading.

From 915+ entries submitted by playwrights from the USA and six other nations, IT narrowed the range to 51 10-minute plays (the vast majority) and short plays.

Watch this blog for listings of each weekend’ s plays broken out by date and reflecting the actors who will perform.

For now set the dates aside.  Location will be in Studio 339 of Central A&H Bldg, 809 Kirby St, Lake Charles.  Tickets each night range from $5-$10.

Sold Out!

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IT proudly announces that tonight’s production ‘“Twelve Angry Men” Performed by Twelve Angry Women’ (Reginald Rose playwright, Joy Pace Director) has sold out.  Front of House will develop a standby list to be used if any attendees are no-shows.

Please park in the back of Central School A&H Building, on Pujo Street or in the 1st Methodist Church parking lot.  There is one intermission.  Show starts promptly at 7:00pm.   [Room 108, 809 Kirby St., Lake Charles].

See you at the show!

Itinerant Theatre sponsors Spring Woods High Sch staged reading

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Itinerant Theatre proudly co-sponsors a staged reading of Reginald Rose’s Emmy award-winning “Twelve Angry Men” …Performed by Twelve Impassioned Women” by English students of LC native Melissa Morris-Brame at Spring Woods High School in Houston, TX.

These young women are a part of the nationwide “Twelve Thousand Voices” initiative the weekend of April 5-8. Only a few Texas high schools are participating. The goal is to have 1,000 staged readings across the USA that one weekend. The hope of Broadway producer Lauren Class Schneider (who thought up this idea after she produced a star-studded reading last fall on Broadway) is that folks will be encouraged to engage in their local communities and couple that with a voter registration event.  Exciting!

For the IT April 6th 7:00pm reading at Central School buy your tickets on this page , or at the door or reserve by phone at 436-6275

See you at the show!