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Spotlight on Zydeco
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Second Reading of Plays Sunday, May 27

by carolyn with no comments

In our last, very recent blog we told you about our eight (8) new plays to be read 7:00pm this SATURDAY, MAY 26.

Now, here are the seven (7)new plays to be read 2:00pm this SUNDAY, MAY 27. These seven (7) plays also were inspired by the over-arching theme, “Making a Difference”. But they too have their own sub-title for the day, “Optics & Opportunities”.

The seven 10-minute plays & short plays are:
1. IN FULL BLOOM by Paige Zubel
2. A MURMUR OF DUST by John Stell (short play)
3. LOVELY YOUNG CHILDREN A short play by John J. Kelly
4. PERFORMANCE REVIEW A ten-minute play by Nedra Pezold Roberts
5. WHILE THE AUTO WAITS by Roy Proctor, based on the short story of the same title by O. HENRY
7. ONE BRIGHT MORNING, a ten-minute play By Ronaldo McDoyle

Note: There will be adult language & subject matter.

Also note: A 2nd weekend of readings follows on June 2 & June 3. Same times (Sat 7p/Sun 2p), place (#339, Central Sch) & ticket prices ($10/$8/$5). What’s different? The plays! All new & never before read before a paying audience.

See you at the readings May 26, May 27, June 2 and June 3!

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