VDay 2017

Play Submission

We have not yet assigned which plays will be read when, but we are pleased to announce the following playwrights and plays have been selected to be a part of our season:


Summer Storms by Jaisey Bates

How to Talk to a Girl Wearing Headphones by Adrienne Dawes

A Family Matter & About the Funeral Roseto by Grace Epstein

My Life as a Circus Baby & Loaded for Bear by Jeanette Farr

A Mother’s Privilege & Jack Pork by Donna Hoke

What Else Lord by Marsha Kushner

Schrödinger’s Gun by Greg Smith

Kaine’s Curse by Jonathon Ward

Return & A Cool 13 by Jim Weinzettle


Thank you ALL for your talents and submissions. We encourage you to continue to submit, whether you were selected this year or not.  We will be requesting submissions for next season as well, looking for further reflections of what has been unearthed through our recent election.